Vision & Mission


Presenting cultural product in the new economy


Creating a condusive working environtment, prospering, and a sense of proud of work and achievement

Building a partnership based on ethical values and profitable for both sides

Contributing in culture conservation

Providing high quality cultural value product with competitive price

“Bang Doel” is business group that focus on sales and development of local culture’s product.

With the concept of “Ngetnik Banget” which means “Very Ethnic”, we commit to fulfill our business partner and consumer necessity by keeping the cultural value intact.

We believe, amidst the crowded modern human life which dragging people on a very rapid development and changes, there is a call inside of human being to return to its noble value and local wisdom.

And, here we are to answer that call.

Our Products


Souvenir & Merchandise


Batik Betawi

Souvenir & Merchandise

Batik Betawi

Board of Director

  • Chief Executive Officer


    Agus Soleh

    Chief Excecutive Officer

    Through his idea to present local culture’s product in the new era economy, building the company with cultural values at its core, with modern and flourishing way.

  • Chief Marketing Officer


    Nurcahya Abdullah

    Chief Marketing Officer

    With his experience as activist and cultural activist, Nurcahyo contributes in ensuring that the culture’s product and experience are perceived by the consumer with real values.

  • Chief Operating Officer


    Indra Pratama

    Chief Operating Officer

    More than 10 years of experience in building and leading manufacturing company, help him to ensure high quality product standards are delivered.

  • Chief Financial Officer


    Fathur Rochman

    Chief Financial Officer

    With background as a banker and a lecturer, developing financial welfare with high ethic and long term profitable partnership.

Contact Us

Office :
Jl. Gorda No. 56, Lubang Buaya, Pondok Gede, Jakarta Timur 13810

Phone: +62-8111-707-986
WhatsApp : +62-856-994-6098

Our Workshop :
1. Jl. Gorda No. 22 RT 02/01 Lubang Buaya, Jakarta Timur
2. Jl. Raya Pemda, Warung Jambu, Kabupaten Bogor, Jawa Barat